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NSDC Chapter Central

The National Student Data Corps Chapters provide a community of support for data science learners of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Each National Student Data Corps (NSDC) Chapter will provide resources and opportunities for students to learn data science, with a special focus on underserved institutions, students, and communities. Chapter members will benefit from learning resources, mentorship, research and career opportunities to launch their data science journeys. Get in touch with the NSDC HQ Team to learn more and receive the NSDC Chapter Development Guide.

Main Objectives of NSDC Chapters

The National Student Data Corps Chapters have the following main objectives:

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NSDC Chapters will connect data science learners of all skills and backgrounds from institutions and communities across the globe. Chapters will leverage NSDC resources to participate in activities like designing data science use cases and capstone projects.
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Community Development

NSDC Chapters will help data science learners build a community of growth and support. Chapters will share resources and connect with colleges, universities, and community organizations that lack data science resources.
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Project-Based Collaboration

NSDC Chapters will provide learners with hands-on opportunities to apply their data science skills to real-world issues. Chapters will build community collaboration and expose students to different data science applications.
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Internships & Career Opportunities

NSDC Chapters will provide students with pre-professional services to help them enter data science fields. Chapters may leverage the NSDC to discover career opportunities and resources, like resume workshops, networking events, and more.

Join an Existing NSDC Chapter

Institutional Chapters

Local chapters are housed at the institutions listed below. Learn more about each chapter’s activities and programs or request to join an existing chapter and grow your data science network! Chapters provide access to free resources, career development opportunities, and a vast community of data science learners. 

Individuals interested in creating an institutional chapter are encouraged to review the Start an NSDC Chapter section below.

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Regional Chapters

Regional chapters are for individuals not formally associated with an institutional chapter. Geographic Regions will include institutional chapters and regional chapters. Learn more about NSDC regional chapters and join these growing communities.

Individuals interested in creating a regional chapter outside the U.S. are encouraged to review the Start an NSDC Chapter section below.

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Start an NSDC Chapter

Individuals interested in creating a new NSDC Chapter at their institution or organization, or in their international region, are encouraged to follow the following steps in order to officially start a new NSDC chapter.

Step 1: Fill out the NSDC Chapter Interest Form

Whether you want to start a chapter or join an NSDC Chapter, fill out the NSDC Chapter interest form. Once submitted, NSDC Chapter Central will connect with you via email.

Step 2: Schedule an introductory meeting with the team

With the contact information provided through the interest form, the NSDC HQ Team will reach out to you via email to schedule a virtual introductory meeting to discuss your interest in the Chapters system and the next steps in the process.

Step 3: Submit an NSDC Chapter Application Form

If you are interested in starting a Chapter, the NSDC HQ Team will provide an application form for you to fill out with more information and details on the leaders, ideas, and structure of your new Chapter.

Step 4: NSDC Chapter Approval Process

After the submission of the detailed Chapter application, the NSDC Central team will review and approve your new Chapter!

After getting approved, you and your Chapter members will be supplied with various resources and materials to help you get started.

NSDC Chapter Activities

The members of NSDC Regional and Institutional Chapters will drive the Chapter’s activities, meetings, and learning focus. Some sample activities organized by NSDC chapters are listed below:

  • Coffee chat discussions 
  • Resource utilization from NSDC 
  • Workshops 
  • Mentorship 
  • Speaker series
  • Summer fellowship
  • Community-centered initiatives and projects 
  • Research projects
  • Career Development and Career Panels
  • Hackathons
  • NSDC Video Library Watch Parties

Stay Connected with Us

Email us at with any inquiries or questions.

Some ways to stay connected with the NSDC community: