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St. John’s University

The NSDC Institutional Chapter at St. John’s University was built to serve as a community for those within different majors at the university, who want to network and learn more about Data Science specifically. This chapter was founded in October of 2022. Read on to learn more about upcoming activities, events, and opportunities brought to you by this Chapter!

Students of Queensborough Community College are welcome to join this Chapter. To join an NSDC Chapter at another Institution (university or college), or to join a Regional Chapter (Midwest, Northeast, South, or West), visit the Chapter Central website.

Chapter Activities & Projects

The emphasis of this chapter is on networking and community building among data science enthusiasts across St. John’s University. The team is focused on attending NSDC events and gradually organizing their own events for the community.

In the coming months, the chapter plans to hold events in the form of tutoring classes, competitions, talks from speakers from the NSDC, and School Alumni. The group also plans on putting forward collaboration opportunities with other NSDC chapters (e.g. Queensborough Community College), with the aim of providing learning and networking opportunities.

Watch this space to know more about upcoming events.

Chapter Leadership

Mehmet Soydan
Student Leader
Tahsin Ahsan
Sumayta Zayan
Joan DeBello
Faculty Advisor

Stay Connected with Us

Email us at nsdc@nebigdatahub.org with any inquiries or questions.

Some ways to stay connected with the NSDC community: