Call for Participation: Urban to Rural Communities Working Group

The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (NEBDHub) is excited to put out a Call for Participation in a new Urban to Rural Communities Working Group. The working group will consist of a team of community members working in collaboration to determine how we might leverage data in new ways to address scientific and societal challenges of interest to the NEBDHub community. We expect the working group would convene virtually on a monthly basis, with additional collaboration on specific projects as participant interest indicates.

We welcome community members from throughout the Northeast U.S., including domain scientists and data scientists, technologists, researchers, educators, students, industry, not for profit, and municipal leaders. The Working Group members will work together to identify challenges we might rally around in our Northeast communities, and develop plans for tangible valuable outcomes. Potential aspirational outcomes include:

  • Identifying common community challenges that can benefit from a collaborative approach
  • Making pertinent data discoverable, responsibly – e.g., data sets, data repositories or libraries
  • Organizing hackathons for students and community members
  • Pursuing opportunities for data science education and/or collaborative research
  • Enabling sharing of data, algorithms and best practices for domain and data science collaborations

Learn more about the Hub and the goals of the working group below. Complete the form below to receive information from the NEBDHub about next steps.


The NEBDHub is a community convener, collaboration hub, and catalyst for data science innovation in the Northeast Region. The Hub amplifies successes of the community and shares credit across the community to encourage collaboration and mutual success in data science endeavors.

The goals of the NEBDHub are to:

  • Build collaborations to address real-world challenges through translational data science approaches
  • Foster innovation and scale endeavors that reflect regional interests and align with national priorities related to data science
  • Support and promote representative community engagement/impact across all Hub activities
  • Increase data science capacity and talent, emphasizing underserved communities

Focus on Urban to Rural Communities

The objective of the Hub’s Urban to Rural Communities focus area is to facilitate activities and collaborations focused on improving the understanding of data ecosystems in urban and rural environments, and the potential application of data analytics and responsible data science practices to benefit rural and urban communities, citizens, and the environment.

Call for Participation

What challenges might we rally around in our Northeast communities, and what tangible outcomes might we work toward? We’d like your perspective. Please complete the below form to engage with the Hub regarding the Urban to Rural Working Group. The Hub will follow up with interested parties on next steps.