Focus on Health


The objective of this focus area is to help advance data sharing, acquisition, integration, analysis and resulting insights in the pursuit of improved public health and health outcomes. This includes:

1. Enabling data sharing, acquisition and integration to develop knowledge and insight in the pursuit of improved health outcomes, including alternative health data sources such as environmental factors, social media and mobile health

2. Supporting the development and deployment of advanced analytics, including causal discovery and reasoning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in biomedicine

3. Enabling data science collaborations in the support of precision medicine, including advanced decision support leveraging data to deliver customized and personalized knowledge, insight and recommendations

Current Projects on Health

COVID Information Commons

Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop Series

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Upcoming Health Events

Health Professional Opportunities

NCI’s Annual Symposium, November 9th and 16th
Save the date for the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) Annual Symposium.

NIH Funding Opportunity, applications close December 9th
American Women: Assessing Risk Epidemiologically (AWARE) (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). This FOA will support research that combines epidemiologic methods, digital technology, and data science approaches to better understand HIV prevention, transmission, and early care-cascade points for women living in the US. Learn more on the NIH website.

Health Career Opportunities

Data and Cancer Post-Doctoral Scientist, Columbia University Data Science Institute

Research Scientists (all levels), Columbia University Data Science Institute

Health Resources

IEEE DataPort COVID-19 Open-Source Datasets

COVID Information Commons: Unlocking COVID-19 Insights with Data Science

Health Success Stories

Scatter plot

Researchers from NYU Tandon release 3-D data tracking human interactions outside of coronavirus hotspots

Study to set groundwork to build machine learning models that rapidly analyze how a virus spreads In April when New York City was under a strict lockdown, a team of 16 student researchers from New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering commenced a National Science Foundation Rapid Response Research (RAPID) grant-funded project to observe potential […]

Largest-ever cohort of U.S. twins fuels new BD Spoke study

Studying the causes of disease is essential to medical research. However, the discussion is sometimes framed, misleadingly, as ‘nature vs. nurture’—is your condition the result of your genetics or your environment? Generally, the answer is both. But to what degree? A new study in Nature Genetics explores this question for hundreds of diseases with a […]