Focus on Health


The objective of this focus area is to help advance data sharing, acquisition, integration, analysis and resulting insights in the pursuit of improved public health and health outcomes. This includes:

1. Enabling data sharing, acquisition and integration to develop knowledge and insight in the pursuit of improved health outcomes, including alternative health data sources such as environmental factors, social media and mobile health

2. Supporting the development and deployment of advanced analytics, including causal discovery and reasoning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in biomedicine

3. Enabling data science collaborations in the support of precision medicine, including advanced decision support leveraging data to deliver customized and personalized knowledge, insight and recommendations

Current Projects

COVID Information Commons

Exposome Data Insight Pilot – coming soon!

COVID-19 Resources Page

NSF BD Spoke Award: Integration of Environmental Factors and Causal Reasoning Approaches for Large-Scale Observational Health Research

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Relevant Open Datasets

Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) COVID in Boston Database

Additional Global COVID Datasets

Success Stories