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HerWILL – Women Inspired in Life and Leadership

The NSDC Institutional Chapter at HerWILL was built with the aim to create a dynamic and engaging platform for underserved students in Bangladesh and the United States to learn and excel in data science.

The chapter was founded in August 2023. Read on to learn more about upcoming activities, events, and opportunities brought to you by this Chapter! All are welcome to join this Chapter. To join an NSDC Chapter at another Institution (university or college), or to join a Regional Chapter (MidwestNortheastSouth, or West), visit the Chapter Central website.

HerWILL is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

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Chapter Activities & Projects

The HerWILL Chapter activities, will revolve around the following key initiatives:

Data Science Workshops and Training: We will organize workshops and training sessions focused on essential data science skills, tools, and techniques. These sessions will be designed to accommodate students with varying levels of expertise, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Project-Based Learning: We will encourage students to participate in data science projects to apply their knowledge practically. Through hands-on projects, students can gain real-world experience and build a strong portfolio to showcase their skills.

Guest Lectures and Industry Talks: To provide insights into the real-world applications of data science, we will invite guest speakers from academia, industry, and nonprofits to share their experiences and expertise.

Datathons and Competitions: Organizing Datathons and data science competitions will foster healthy competition among students and further enhance their problem-solving abilities.

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Chapter Leadership

Farhana Hasan
Dr. Fatima Zahra
Raima Islam
Humaun Kabir
Yasmina Alaboudy

Stay Connected with Us

Email us at nsdc@nebigdatahub.org with any inquiries or questions.

Some ways to stay connected with the NSDC community: