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The objective of this focus area is to facilitate activities and collaborations focused on improving the understanding of data ecosystems in urban and rural environments, and the potential application of data analytics and responsible data science practices to benefit rural and urban communities, citizens, and the environment. This includes:

1. Enabling acquisition and leverage of interoperable and accessible data sets for use across rural and urban communities, for data driven community and environmental planning

2. In collaboration with the Health focus area, determining the impact of urbanicity on health and other measures of well-being, for humans and their environment

3. Creating data science innovations to envision and enable sustainable environments, including collaborations incorporating data science, environmental science, and biogeochemistry.

Urban to Rural Projects and NEBDHub Collaborations


Rural Communities Data Science Collaboration Opportunity!

A rural planning board member, community organizer, and data science student in Western Massachusetts, Tim Shores, wants to build and study data sets and models of rural society that can answer questions in the following topic areas about equity and justice, economic sustainability, and community self-determination:

– Rural planning and development

– Regionalization and localization of rural municipal and commercial services
– Rural ICT
– Natural resources and rural livelihoods

Individuals interested in this collaborative opportunity can email the NEBDHub Team at

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