Focus on Education + Data Literacy


The objective of this focus area is to work with the community to guide the development and dissemination of data science approaches and resources for education across the community, from PreK-12 to higher education and industry, with the goal to improve data literacy and educational outcomes. This includes:

1. Amplifying the success and reach of data science education and data literacy activities, from virtual and in-person workshops to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), to empower educators and researchers to improve data science practices and reach a broad community

2. Enabling community and educational institutions across the region to deliver data science education to underserved constituencies, extending the success of the Data Science for All workshops, and perhaps adding domain-specific data science and data carpentry workshops

3. Increasing community collaboration to leverage the Big Data for Education spoke best practices, including innovations in intelligent tutor pedagogy, and collaborative analyses of Big Data for Education MOOC data

Current Projects on Education + Data Literacy

Northeast Student Data Corps

Data Science For All

NSF BD Spoke Award: Grand Challenges for Data-Driven Education

Building Capacity with the Carpentries – coming soon!

Data Science Resource Repository

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Upcoming Education + Data Literacy Events

Education + Data Literacy Opportunities

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Education + Data Literacy Success Stories

Data Science in General Education

Guest post by Cathie LeBlanc, Ph.D., Plymouth State University Plymouth State University has a history of active faculty learning communities focused on various aspects of teaching. Our latest learning community, funded by the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub’s 2020 Seed Fund Program, is focused on teaching data analytics content, particularly in classes where students are not expecting this […]

How to Innovate AI Procurement?

Guest post by Mona Sloane, Ph.D., New York University Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly deployed in the public sector. As these technologies can harm citizens and pose risk to society, existing public procurement processes and standards are in urgent need of revision and innovation. This issue is particularly pressing in the context of recession-induced […]

Data Visualization Beyond the Screen

Guest post by Dr. Sara Stoudt, Lecturer in Statistical and Data Sciences Program, Smith College We’ve all been acutely aware of screens lately; we cannot seem to escape them. As statisticians and data scientists we’re stereotypically buried in our spreadsheets and charts anyway, but who do we exclude when communicating with data on a screen, […]