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Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

The NSDC Institutional Chapter at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was built with the aim of building a community for students at the university, who want to network, learn and discover career opportunities in the field of Data Science. The chapter was founded in July of 2023. Read on to learn more about upcoming activities, events, and opportunities brought to you by this Chapter!

Students of the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology are welcome to join this Chapter. To join an NSDC Chapter at another Institution (university or college), or to join a Regional Chapter (MidwestNortheastSouth, or West), visit the Chapter Central website.

Chapter Activities & Projects

Following the four main objectives of NSDC central, the NSDC SUST chapter plans to implement the following activities: 

  • Education: Organize free online training on Data Science AI ML, workshops on Data Science, research support, preparation for Data Science competitions.
  • Community Development: NSDC members will participate in regular monthly meetings, workshops, seminars about data science/machine learning topics hosted around the campus. Members will interact with students on campus and at other local institutions, also visit local 2-years colleges and high schools to encourage kids to learn and pursue a career in data science
  • Project-based Collaboration: Members will participate in project-based learning on the application of data science in different fields. 
  • Internships and Career Opportunities: Offer leadership, career readiness, resume-building workshops for members to fine-tune their portfolio for data science roles. Offer research collaborations with other institutions, preparing members to participate in the “International conference on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Education (STEME).”

Chapter Leadership

S M Mesbahul Islam

Computer Science and Engineering, Junior

Irfan Nafiz Shahan
General Secretary

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Junior

Farzana Refaat Raha
Enrollment Management

Computer Science and Engineering, Junior

Mahbub Ahmed Chowdhury

Mathematics, Junior

Al-Mubin Nabil
Planning and Development

Computer Science and Engineering, Junior

Susmita Jahan Supty
Event Management

Mathematics, Sophomore

Dr. Farzana Hussain
Alumni Advisor

Mathematics, Associate Professor

Dr. Pabel Shahrear
Faculty Advisor

Mathematics, Professor

Stay Connected with Us

Email us at nsdc@nebigdatahub.org with any inquiries or questions.

Some ways to stay connected with the NSDC community: