Spanish Language Resources & Outreach

The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (NEBDHub) is a community convener, collaboration hub, and catalyst for data science innovation in the Northeast Region. The NEBDHub amplifies the successes of the community and encourages collaboration and mutual success in data science endeavors.

A substantial portion of the NEBDHub’s community studies in Spanish-speaking countries, including Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru, or is engaged in the activities of Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) that are Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). In fact, 84 of the 644 higher education organizations engaged in the NEBDHub’s programs, resources, or events are HSIs.

To best meet the needs of our Spanish-speaking community members, and in keeping with the NEBDHub’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility commitment, our team has begun a new initiative to translate and source data science resources in Spanish. Listed below are just some of the ways we are working to broaden the reach of our community-focused data science educational materials and opportunities.

Spanish Language Data Science Resources

The NEBDHub features Spanish language data science resources across our website, such as the Data Responsibly Comics Series.

We want to hear from you, our community, about your favorite data science and STEM education materials!

Help us add more open-source, free resources in English or Spanish to the NEBDHub website by submitting suggestions to our team via the links below.

COVID Information Commons Spanish Language Resources

The COVID Information Commons (CIC) is an open website to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across various COVID research efforts funded by NSF. The CIC serves as a resource for researchers, students, and decision-makers from academia, government, not-for-profits and industry to identify collaboration opportunities, leverage other research, and accelerate promising research.

Each month, the CIC brings together a group of NSF and NIH-funded researchers studying the current pandemic to share their research and answer questions from our community. The resulting Lightning Talks are shared and hosted on the CIC website where they can be sorted and browsed by theme or title. Since February 2022, our team of students, staff, and volunteers has begun to translate these English language presentations into Universal Spanish, broadening the program’s reach to include Spanish speaking members of the Hub community.

The NEBDHub’s Spanish Language Resources & Outreach project is an ongoing effort! We welcome community feedback and suggestions. Please reach out to us at with any questions or comments.