Student Portfolio & Network Building (PNB) Group

The NEBDHub invites undergraduate and graduate students from around the world with an interest in data science to the Student Portfolio & Network Building (PNB) Group! Together, we’ll explore collaboration opportunities for future data science projects and learn how to build our data science portfolios.

PNB Meetings Cycle

PNB hosts three types of meetings in rotation throughout the academic year: Peer Networking sessions, Interview Prep sessions, and Digital Portfolio sessionsJoin sessions at any point in the cycle to build up your professional network and interview skills!

Peer Networking Sessions

  • Meet other data science students
  • Explore opportunities for team data science research
  • Find data science projects and certificate programs which will enhance your academic growth and career development

Interview Prep Sessions

  • Participate in group resume reviews
  • Receive feedback on your interview technique and approach
  • Begin to collect your project certificates and other portfolio items

Digital Portfolio Sessions

  • Finish collecting materials for your professional portfolio
  • Learn how to build a digital portfolio of your accomplishments
  • Post your portfolio on LinkedIn or your personal website

Upcoming Sessions

June 28, 2024: Peer Networking session
August 1, 2024: Interview Prep session
January 10, 2025: Digital Portfolio session

PNB LinkedIn Group

In between meetings, PNB members can stay in touch via a private LinkedIn Group. We’ll use this space to network, discuss job and internship opportunities, and learn new data science tools. Join today to become a part of the PNB Community!

Prepare for a Data Science Career

Use the below resources to jumpstart your data science and STEM career between PNB meetings!

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

NSDC Career Central Resources

Build your data science career with these professional development materials from the National Student Data Corps.

Data Science Resource Repository

Use the DSRR to find data science learning and research tools, articles, data sets, and more!

NSDC Data Science Projects

Complete data science projects and receive digital certificates for your professional portfolio with the National Student Data Corps.

CIC Student Paper Challenge

Explore the current state of COVID-19 research across STEM disciplines and submit a paper to the COVID Information Commons.

NSDC Data Science Symposium

Create and present original data science research, connect with data science mentors, and expand your peer network with the National Student Data Corps.

Transportation Data Science Project

Develop data-driven recommendations on road safety with the Department of Transportation. Find mentors and receive a certificate of completion.

The PNB Group has gone global!

The 160+ members of the Portfolio & Network Building Group live, work, and study at 85 colleges and universities in the United States, India, Italy, and Peru. Half of all members are undergraduate students (50%) while others are graduate students (35%) or have recently graduated from their university programs (14%).
Members have a strong passion for AI & Computer Science (27%). Other interests include: Math, Finance & Business (18%), Public Health, Medicine & COVID (17%), Government & Social Justice (7%), Robotics & Engineering (7%), and Psychology & Sociology (7%).
Join our next session to network with your peers and learn about collaboration opportunities while strengthening your professional skills!

Stay Connected

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