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Tufts University

The NSDC Institutional Chapter at Tufts University was built with the aim of serving as a community for those within different majors at the university, who want to network and learn more about Data Science specifically. Read on to learn more about upcoming activities, events, and opportunities in this Chapter. There are three primary focuses of the chapter. First, the DS major at Tufts currently does not have any club focused solely on DS. This is a space where DS majors can meet and network, such as engineering societies for other engineering majors. Second, the hub is meant to provide access to real-world projects based on data science to the students. Finally, it would be a great career helper to students. This chapter was founded in June of 2022.

Students of Tufts University are welcome to join this Chapter. To join an NSDC Chapter at another Institution (university or college), or to join a Regional Chapter (Midwest, Northeast, South, or West), visit the Chapter Central website.

Chapter Activities & Projects

The emphasis of this chapter is on networking and community building among data science enthusiasts across the university. The planned chapter activities would be a weekly meeting and members would be given the opportunity to join 4 projects aimed at assisting local small businesses or non-profits. Meetings will consist of brief announcements about DS ongoings at Tufts, local opportunities, and any relevant classes held by Tufts Technology. They will then go on a workshop session about a specific library, function, or skill, in order to keep the chapter in tune with the educational objective. Alternatively, the meeting could go into a career talk or an internship presentation. Community development and project-based collaboration will be achieved through the optional projects. These are maintained as optional so people who do not have enough time to dedicate to projects can still be a part of the club and have a lesser time commitment. In addition, assorted events will be held outside of the weekly meetings, such as speaker events, community giveaways to garner interest, and demonstrations open to the larger Tufts community.

Watch this space to know more about upcoming events.

Chapter Leadership

Charu Vijay
Nishika Pabba

Stay Connected with Us

Email us at nsdc@nebigdatahub.org with any inquiries or questions.

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