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Do you like to solve problems, but wish you knew how data could help you? Are you thinking about pursuing data science but don’t know where to start? The NSDC Data Science Panels can help you learn more about how to leverage data science for good. 

The National Student Data Corps (NSDC)‘s Data Science Panel webinar series features students and experts from academia, government, industry, and nonprofits who share their experiences learning and using data science. These individuals share their personal journeys in data science, highlighting the wide range of educational opportunities and career paths available in data science and data analytics.

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Upcoming Panels

In celebration of Earth Day, the National Student Data Corps (NSDC) is delighted to invite you, your friends, students, and colleagues to the April 2023 Data & Earth Sciences Panel! This virtual event will highlight the wide range of educational and professional opportunities available in data science, earth science, and scientific research fields. Special focus will be given to methods for leveraging data for climate change, nature protection, sustainability, animal conservation, and environmental policy.

Register for the upcoming virtual Data & Earth Sciences Panel, hosted on Friday, April 21st, 2023, 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern Time, to hear professionals, researchers, and students discuss their educational and professional experiences in data and earth sciences.

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NSDC Community Member Testimonials

The NSDC Panels inspire attendees to explore all the career possibilities data science offers. Here is what some Community College students have to say about the panels!

“What amazed me while listening to everyone’s journey is that all of them started from a different background, whether it was business or computer science, and ended up working in the field related to Data Science. Everyone’s intake and job experience prior and present gives me a reason to consider Data Science as a potential career goal.”

“I believed that the meeting would involve a lot of complex terms and concept implementation of data science, which would be hard for me to understand at the moment as I just started learning about data science. However, it turned out to be very different from what I had thought it to be. At the end of the conference, I feel highly motivated to expand my knowledge of data science.”

“One piece of advice that one of the panelists gave that I will remember is ‘choose your job, don’t let your job choose you.'”

“As a graduate student, these panels have been a great way for me to hear perspectives of experienced data science professionals. I always come away with some new valuable insight. Thanks for helping to make them possible!”

“The panel was a super engaging event and the panelists were responsive to my questions.”

NSDC Data Science Panelist Insights

Read on for a sampling of our panelists’ insights on the most frequently posed questions in our Panels.

1) What excites you about the field? What drew you to data science?

2) How do you find a job or an internship in data science?

3) What education or background should I develop if I’m interested in a career in data science?

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Getting Started in Data Science

Looking for resources to help you start your career in data science? Take a look at some of the NSDC’s materials!

Check out the NSDC’s Career Central portal to find updated jobs and professional opportunities in the field. Use our resources to prepare application materials, practice for technical interviews, and learn interview tips. 

Check out the NSDC’s Learner Central portal and learn data science at your own pace! Leverage this collection of free resources for learners of all backgrounds. Whether you’re just getting started or want to learn advanced machine learning techniques, you’ll find something for your data science journey.

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