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National Student Data Corps: January 2023 Data Science Panel

Do you like to solve problems, but wish you knew how data could help you? Are you thinking about pursuing data science but don’t know where to start? Learn from other data scientists about their journeys and why they are data science enthusiasts! Launched by the National Student Data Corps, the Data Science Panel webinar series features professionals and students who are data enthusiasts from academia, government, industry, and nonprofits who share their experiences learning and using data science. These virtual events aim to highlight the wide range of educational opportunities and career paths available in data science and data analytics.

Join us at our upcoming Data Science Panel virtual event on Friday, January 13th, 2023, 3-4:30 pm Eastern Time to hear the following panelists discuss their educational and professional experiences in data science.

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Emily Rothenberg, Program Coordinator for the National Student Data Corps, and Sanket Bhandari, Graduate Student at Columbia University and Project Coordinator at the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub


Emily Javan, The University of Texas at Austin

Emily Javan is a fourth-year PhD Candidate and Researcher at The University of Texas at Austin studying Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior. With a strong focus on disease ecology, Emily is broadly interested in disease spread within and between human and animal populations, as well as how vaccination and wildlife management can prevent epidemics. Currently, she is researching how the access to healthcare in Texas changed during the pandemic.

Gianmarco Gabrieli, IBM – AI for Scientific Discovery

Gianmarco Gabrieli is a Pre-Doctoral Researcher at IBM on the AI for Scientific Discovery team. Having studied Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems, Gianmarco applies his knowledge in the Accelerated Discovery and AI department, developing AI-assisted technologies to discover solutions to tackle today’s most urgent problems. He also is a part of the team developing Hypertaste, an electronic, AI-assisted tongue that draws inspiration from the way humans taste things.

Dr. Kobi Abayomi, Warner Music Group

Dr. Kobi Abayomi is the Senior Vice President of Data Science at Warner Music Group (WMG). With 20 years of experience researching, publishing, consulting, and leading in-house data science teams, Dr. Abayomi leads analytics globally across WMG, driving valuable business insights and broadly maximizing success for artists. He has also collaborated with professionals in fields as wide-ranging as Law, Environmental Science, Political Science, Medicine/Health Care, Reliability Engineering and Public Policy.


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