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National Student Data Corps: August 2022 Data Science Panel

Do you like to solve problems, but wish you knew how data could help you? Are you thinking about pursuing data science but don’t know where to start? Learn from other data scientists about their journeys and why they are data science enthusiasts! Launched by the National Student Data Corps, the Data Science Panel webinar series features professionals and students who are data enthusiasts from academia, government, industry, and nonprofits who share their experiences learning and using data science. These virtual events aim to highlight the wide range of educational opportunities and career paths available in data science and data analytics.

Join us at our upcoming Data Science Panel virtual event on Friday, August 19th, 2022, 3-4:30 pm Eastern Time to hear the following panelists discuss their educational and professional experiences in data science.

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Emily Rothenberg, Program Coordinator for the National Student Data Corps, and Florence Hudson, Executive Director of the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub


Mayank Varia, Boston University

Mayank Varia researches theoretical and applied cryptography and its application to problems throughout and beyond computer science. He is a member of the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences at Boston University, and teaches multiple courses in Applied Cryptography. Mayank deploys privacy-respecting systems in practice with a focus on transparency and empowerment, as well as characterizes the tradeoffs between data privacy and data utility.

Steve Horne, Bridge

Steve Horne is the Chief Data & Strategy Officer at Bridge, a premier data-driven marketing company that prioritizes data timeliness, accuracy and completeness of all data providers in the marketplace. Steve helps companies connect with real people in order to best learn from a customer’s work lifestyle, purchase intentions, needs, and passions. He is dedicated to helping corporations and organizations navigate the world of data-driven marketing.

Vivien Bonazzi, Deloitte

Vivien is an experienced biomedical data scientist who has always had a passion for understanding how data science methods and technologies can be applied to biomedical data to yield a better understanding of biology. Vivien’s work is focused on being easily able to share, access, analyze, find and provide attribution to biomedical data and tools regardless of geographical location, size or complexity so as to enable new biomedical discoveries.

Yu Yu, BlackRock

Yu Yu leads a team of data scientists and software engineers to generate sales and service for clients. The charter for her team is to develop data science foundations in new domains, driving early-stage research and commercial value from high-potential areas for which data science has only begun to be applied. These new areas include experimentation, distribution strategy, client segmentation, client intelligence, and sales efficiency, among other areas.



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