Poster for Data and Earth Sciences Career Panel on April 21st, 2023

National Student Data Corps: April 2023 Data & Earth Sciences Panel

In celebration of Earth Day, the National Student Data Corps (NSDC) is delighted to invite you, your friends, students, and colleagues to the April 2023 Data & Earth Sciences Career Panel! This virtual event will highlight the wide range of educational and professional opportunities available in data science, earth science, and scientific research fields. Special focus will be given to methods for leveraging data for climate change, nature protection, sustainability, animal conservation, and environmental policy.

Join us at the upcoming virtual Data & Earth Sciences Career Panel on Friday, April 21st, 2023, 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern Time to hear professionals, researchers, and students discuss their educational and professional experiences in data and earth sciences.

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Emily Rothenberg, Program Coordinator for the NSDC; Sanket Bhandari, Graduate Student at Columbia University and Project Coordinator at the NEBDHub


Steve Diggs, University of California – Office of the President

Steve focuses his expertise on the design and operation of information systems that deliver data from sensors in the field and the world’s oceans to the oceanographic research community. Steve is also a member of numerous international marine data science teams including Argo, OceanSITES, and is the chair of the data subcommittee for the Southern Ocean Observing System.

Jason Holmberg, Wild Me

Jason is a passionate technologist and conservationist working to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to biologists studying animal populations across the globe. As the Executive Director of Wild Me, Jason leads a professional team of software engineers and machine learning experts in the Wildbook project.

Dr. Laurie Nowatzke, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Midwest Climate Hub

At the USDA Midwest Climate Hub, Laurie communicates current tools and resources on climate-smart strategies. With her expertise in biological sciences, environmental policy, and rural sociology, Laurie has researched the perspectives, barriers, and attitudes of Midwestern farmers who indicate willingness to adopt conservation practices in the future.

Dr. Jacob Pasner, California State Water Resources Control Board

Born and raised on an Organic farm in California, Jake is passionate about utilizing his data science research background in physics to operationalize our Nation’s data for the public good in the age of artificial intelligence, climate change, and environmental and social inequities. At the California State Water Resources Control Board, Jake is the lead data scientist supporting a large-scale water rights data modernization project, which will enable data-based decision making for this critical resource in response to a rapidly changing climate.

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