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Data Science Projects

The Data Science Projects (DSP) are brought to you by the National Student Data Corps (NSDC), hosted by the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub. 

The NSDC DSP provide virtual collaboration and networking opportunities for data science learners of all ages, skill-levels, and education-levels. Participants find team members, learn data science tools and techniques, and find leadership and professional development opportunities with support from NSDC Project Mentors.

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Key Dates

The NSDC Data Science Projects Call for Participation Form will be accepting responses on a rolling basis throughout December 2023 and beyond.

When your submissions are complete, please share your file(s) with nsdc@columbia.edu.

We invite you to participate, and to share this opportunity with your peers!

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NSDC Project Mentors

Meet the NSDC Project Mentors! These data science graduate students provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the NSDC Data Science Projects. They also offer mentoring sessions for DSP participants! Connect with your Project Mentor through the NSDC Slack Channel or at nsdc@columbia.edu.

Sneha Dahiya

Sneha Dahiya

Sneha Dahiya is a Graduate student in Business Analytics at Columbia University. Sneha enjoys collaborating with other data science enthusiasts for professional development opportunities. She is passionate about statistics, healthcare, and business analysis.

Hannah Yang

Hannah Yang

Hannah is a graduate student at Columbia University studying Data Science. Her professional interests lie in statistical modeling, quantitative analysis, and data-driven decision-making. She is very excited to be your data science mentor and help you with your data science journey!

Varalika Mahajan

Varalika Mahajan is a Graduate student in Data Science at Columbia University. She is a conscientious individual who discovered her passion for statistics, data, and business analysis. Varalika is currently developing data science projects and has a strong profile for fundamental career growth.

Stephanie Guo

Stephanie Guo is a Graduate student in Business Analytics at Columbia University. Her passion lies in exploring the intersection between data science, finance, and healthcare, as well as mentoring data science learners through various projects related to those fields.

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How to Participate

If you are looking for hands-on data science project experience, we welcome you to participate in the NSDC DSP! Whether you have completed a data science project before, or are looking to practice a new skill, the NSDC offers an extensive network of support, including Office Hours, guided instructions, and helpful resources, including articles, videos, and more.

You may choose to participate in a DSP individually, or you may choose to participate in a DSP Project Team of 2-4 members. You may apply with a team of your own or ask the NSDC HQ Team to pair you with other NSDC Community Members from around the world!

Step 1: Review the available Data Science Projects listed below to learn more about the project timeline and milestones.

Step 2: Click on the NSDC Data Science Projects Call for Participation Form to express your interest in participating.

Step 3: Your Project Mentor will then send you a Google Colab Notebook with step-by-step instructions on how to complete your data science project prompt. These instructions include milestones, tentative due dates, and other informative resources.

Step 4: You will be invited to join virtual Office Hours, hosted by your NSDC Project Mentors, to learn the best data science practices to help guide your project.

Step 5: Once your project is completed, share your completed Google Colab Notebook with nsdc@columbia.edu for review. Afterwards, you may receive an invitation from the NSDC to create a short video based on your data science project findings. You may also receive a certificate for your participation and an endorsement of your gained skills on LinkedIn.

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Sign up for a Data Science Project!

The NSDC DSP Mentors and REAL Volunteers have developed guided data science projects which give participants the opportunity to gain new data pre-processing, data visualization, and Python programming skills.

Learn more about the Netflix Data Cleaning Project and the Sentiment Analysis Project, including milestones, deliverables, relevant skills, and more, below.

Eligibility & Resources

All community college/undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students, researchers, staff, and professors are welcome to participate in the NSDC Data Science Projects.

Here are some resources that may help you develop your project, work together as a team, or collaborate with others in the NSDC Community:

Evaluations + Success Certificates

The NSDC provides professional development opportunities to data science learners around the globe. Each project will contain milestones and tentative due dates for each step.

If a participant fully completes an NSDC Data Science Project according to the respective guidelines and instructions, the NSDC may provide you a Certificate of Completion and offer to endorse your data science skills on LinkedIn.


A Special Thank You to the 2022 NSDC Data Science Project Mentors!

Meghana Joshi

Meghana Joshi is graduated from Columbia University with a master’s degree in Computer Science (Machine Learning Specialization). She now works for Microsoft as a Data & Applied Scientist.

Dashansh Prajapati

Dashansh Prajapati graduated from Columbia University with a master’s degree in Data Science. Dashansh now works in industry sharing his passion for teaching data science fundamentals and career preparation.

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