NSDC Data Science Project – Image Classification

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Image Classification

Project Description

This Image Classification project is designed for a beginner to intermediate learner who is looking to learn about Python, machine learning, neural networks, and more! In this project, we will work with the CIFAR-10 Dataset from Kaggle which is commonly used for image recognition tasks, serving as a benchmark for machine learning and computer vision algorithms.


CIFAR-10 Dataset

Relevant Skills You May Apply

Basic Python programming and understanding of Machine Learning models

Skills You May Gain

Data cleaning & pre-processing, Machine Learning models, Python programming

Total Time

Approximately 1-2 weeks


Milestone 1: Learn about Pandas, Numpy, MatplotLib, and Midjourney
Milestone 2: Split the Dataset
Milestone 3: Understand Machine Learning Models & Neural Networks
Milestone 4: Process the Data
Milestone 5: Build & Test the Model


Deliverables include an interactive Google Colab Notebook.