NSDC Data Science Project – Intermediate SQL Queries

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Intermediate SQL Queries

Project Description

This SQL project is designed for a beginner to intermediate learner who is looking to continue to practice writing SQL queries using a real-world dataset. In this project, we will work with the New York City Airbnb dataset. The main goal is to help you become familiar with intermediate SQL syntax and data analysis tasks.


New York City Airbnb Dataset

Relevant Skills You May Apply

Basic SQL Skills – which you can learn through the Introduction to SQL Queries project!

Skills You May Gain

Intermediate SQL Syntax and Data Analysis Skills

Total Time

Approximately 1 hour


Milestone 1: Libraries and Database Setup
Milestone 2: Loading the Dataset
Milestone 3: Intermediate SQL Queries
Milestone 4: Closing Connection
Milestone 5: Summary of Intermediate SQL Commands


Deliverables include an interactive Google Colab Notebook.