COVID Info Commons Data Science Project – Data Visualization

Data Visualization Project

Project Description

You will embark on a data-driven journey to analyze and visualize COVID-19 data. This project will not only enhance your data analysis and visualization skills but also offer valuable insights into the ongoing pandemic. This project was designed with beginner to intermediate data science learners in mind. We expect students to spend maybe 5-8 hours on each Milestone (each student can spend more or less time depending on their interest and level of experience).

Data visualization is an essential skill for all STEM researchers and students – this is an opportunity for you to learn this skill in a friendly and supportive environment!

Learn more about the COVID Information Commons (CIC) Student Working Group, including future projects and examples of submitted student projects on the CIC website.


COVID-19 Dataset

Relevant Skills You May Apply

Data cleaning, Exploratory data analysis (EDA)

Skills You May Gain

Time series analysis, Geospatial analysis, Data Visualization (Tableau, Excel, Python), Data Storytelling

Total Time

Approximately 25 hours


Milestone 1: Data Exploration and Preparation
Milestone 2: Time Series Analysis
Milestone 3: Geospatial Analysis
Milestone 4: Advanced Visualization and Storytelling
Milestone 5: Finalizing Visualizations


Deliverables include a final data visualization (medium of your choice) and a 2-3 paragraph summary of the insights gleaned from an analysis of the visualization.