Call for Papers: Internet2 Seeks Community Input on Next Generation R&E Network

From the announcement by Internet2:

Miami, FL, September 27, 2016 – Today, at the 2016 Technology Exchange event, Internet2 announced an official call for papers (CFP) from its members and partners to help envision the next Internet2 network. Internet2 is planning a potential major reinvestment in its infrastructure in 2018 and beyond which this planning process will support.

John Moore, associate vice president of network architecture and planning for Internet2, will introduce the call and concept at a 2:20 pm EST session titled “Internet2 Future Network Requirements”. At this session, research and education (R&E) technical leaders and community members will be asked to submit formal papers and participate in extensive conversations to identify and understand community needs, expectations and network requirements for the next Internet2 infrastructure program as Internet2 contemplates a major refresh in 2018 and beyond.  Moore plans to relay insight and information to the community on the types of input already received and issue a call to action through the call for papers that will solicit new ideas directly from a broad cross-section of R&E community members including university members, researchers, regional networks, global collaborators and industry partners.

You can learn more about the CFP and how to submit at Internet2’s website.