White House Releases Big Data Strategic Plan

On May 23rd, the Obama Administration released the Federal Big Data Research and Development Strategic Plan, part of the Big Data Research and Development Initiative launched in 2012. As data science capabilities and opportunities continue to grow, the Plan provides a comprehensive overview and establishes guidance for developing and expanding R&D at a national scale.

From the announcement:

We envision a Big Data innovation ecosystem in which the ability to analyze, extract information from, and make decisions and discoveries based upon large, diverse, and real-time datasets enables new capabilities for Federal agencies and the Nation at large; accelerates the process of scientific discovery and innovation; leads to new fields of research and new areas of inquiry that would otherwise be impossible; educates the next generation of 21st century scientists and engineers; and promotes new economic growth.

The Northeast Hub is committed to advancing these discussions and to enhancing the Big Data ecosystem in the Northeast and, in collaboration with the other regional Hubs, on a national scale.

We want to hear your thoughts on the Federal Strategic Plan. Contact us with your input on how the Big Data innovation ecosystem could best serve you. Below, check out the Twitter Chat the Hubs had on Thursday, June 9th with big data practitioners across the country!