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Data Science for High School Computer Science Workshop: Identifying Needs, Gaps, and Resources

While there has been increased interest in bringing computer science to all learners through such initiatives as Computer Science for All, data science forms the bridge between computational thinking and real-world problems. Focusing on the needs of the high school students and teachers on the front lines of a rapidly changing workforce, the goal of this capacity-building workshop will be to emphasize the dimensions of learning afforded by data science and articulate a pathway toward data literacy.
Bringing together industry stakeholders, state and local government officials, K-20 curriculum developers, instructors, students, and specialists in learning sciences and informal learning, the workshop will include four elements:
  • A discussion of the gaps of data science education in computer science
  • A series of presentations from tool and software developers and learning researchers on validated practices
  • A collaborative brainstorming session to draft a set of essential data science concepts
  • Authoring of a white paper to articulate the path forward


Jan 16 - 17 2020

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