Executive Committee

René Bastón

Executive Director

René Bastón has over 20 years of experience in innovation, alliance building, public/private collaborations, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization. He spent years as a management consultant for systems integrator, Ernst & Young; has created a number of public/private partnerships; and has founded startups based on the transfer of university, NIH, and NIST technologies.

      Kathy McKeown

      Principal Investigator

      Kathleen R. McKeown is the Henry and Gertrude Rothschild Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, and also serves as the Director of the Data Science Institute. Full bio available here.

          Andrew McCallum

          Executive Committee Member

          Andrew McCallum is Professor and Director of the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory in the School of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst.  He has published over 250 papers in many areas of AI, including natural language processing, machine learning, data mining and reinforcement learning, and his work has received over 30,000 citations. Full bio available here.

              Carla Brodley

              Executive Committee Member

              Carla E. Brodley is Dean of the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. A Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), her interdisciplinary machine learning research led to advances not only in computer and information science, but in many other areas including remote sensing, neuroscience, digital libraries, astrophysics, content-based image retrieval of medical images, computational biology, chemistry, evidence-based medicine, and predictive medicine. Full bio available here.

                  Vasant Honavar

                  Executive Committee Member

                  Dr. Vasant Honavar received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin Madison, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. In September 2013, Honavar joined the faculty of Penn State University, where he currently serves as a Professor and Edward Frymoyer Chair  of Information Science and Technology. He is also the founding Director of the Center for Big Data Analytics and Discovery Informatics and Associate Director of the Institute for Cyberscience. Full bio available here.

                      James Hendler

                      Executive Committee Member

                      James Hendler is the Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, and Head of the Computer Science Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has authored over 200 technical papers in the areas of Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, agent-based computing and high performance processing. Full bio available here.

                        Manager of Operations

                        Katie Naum

                        Manager of Operations

                        Katie Naum is passionate about intelligent use of data, science writing that engages and inspires, and sustainability. A native of western New York and current Brooklynite, she holds a B.A. in Sustainable Development from Columbia University.

                          Governance Committee

                          Nabil Adam University of Rutgers- Newark (NJ)
                          Micah Adler Fiksu (MA)
                          Cheryl Begandy Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PA)
                          Jennifer Chayes Microsoft Research (MA)
                          Mark Gerstein Yale University (CT)
                          John Goodhue Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MA)
                          Josh Greenberg Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
                          Florence Hudson Internet2 (NY)
                          Tim Kraska Brown University (RI)
                          Amen Ra Mashariki ESRI (NY)
                          Theresa Pardo SUNY Albany (NY)
                          Bharat Rao KPMG (NY)

                          Priority Area Leaders

                          Ryan Baker Penn State (Education)
                          Jane Greenberg Drexel University (Data Sharing)
                          Chris Hill Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Discovery Science)
                          Chirag Patel Columbia University (Health)
                          Constantine Kontokosta New York University (Cities & Regions)
                          Mark Latonero Data & Society (Ethics)
                          Sam Madden Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Data Sharing)
                          Manish Parashar Rutgers University (Discovery Science)
                          Abani Patra SUNY Buffalo (Energy)
                          Adam Smith Penn State University (Privacy and Security)
                          Stephen Uzzo New York Hall of Science (Data Literacy)
                          Beverly Woolf UMASS Amherst (Big Data in Education)