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Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub: January 2023 Student Research Symposium

In January 2023, the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (NEBDHub), National Student Data Corps (NSDC), and COVID Information Commons (CIC) hosted the virtual, Inaugural NEBDHub Student Research Symposium. This Symposium was designed to showcase the insightful research done by undergraduate- and graduate-level students who participated in the 2022 NSDC Data Science Symposium, the CIC Student Paper Challenge, and the Cybersecurity Risk Conference, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Learn more about the student researchers and their insightful presentations below, and watch the live recording of the Inaugural Student Research Symposium!


Emily Rothenberg, Program Coordinator for the National Student Data Corps, and Stephanie Guo, Graduate Student at Columbia University and Project Coordinator at the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub


2022 NSDC Data Science Symposium Winners:

First Place: Kiet Nguyen and Zhuldyz Ualikhankyzy, Case Western Reserve University – “Prediction of Russian ruble (RUB) against US dollar (USD) in June 2022 amid Russian-Ukrainian war”

Second Place: Michele Sezgin, Vivian Almaraz, Audrey Kim, and Salwa Ouachtouki, Smith College – “Visualizing Hampshire County Schools Health Data”


2022 CIC Student Paper Challenge Graduate Cohort Winners:

First Place: Jinming Wan, Binghamton University – “Multilayer Networks with Higher-order Interaction Reveal the Impact of Collective Behavior on Epidemic Dynamics”

Second Place: Ka Ying Toby Law, Columbia University – “The Association Between Educational Attainment and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy In the United States”

Third Place: Xin Zan, University of Florida – “Data-driven Adaptive Testing Resource Allocation Strategies for Real-time Monitoring of Infectious Diseases”


2022 CIC Student Paper Challenge Undergraduate/Community College Cohort Winners:

First Place: Evelyn Zhou, University of South Africa – “Advances in Machine Learning Explainability to Contextualize Equity Market Sustainability in South Africa During the COVID-19 Era”

Second Place: Paige Gavin and Sarah Frieman, George Washington University – “Failed Liminality and Disenfranchised Grief: COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes”


NEBDHub Cybersecurity Risk Presenters:

Chanel Cheng, Rochester Institute of Technology – “Cross-Organizational Continual Learning of Cyber Threat Models”

Serena Yang, Cornell University – “A Data-Driven Approach for Cyber Risk and Threat Assessment”





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