Welcome to the new nebigdatahub.org!

Following the announcement of our new strategic plan on June 1st, our leadership team and collaborators have been hard at work turning strategy into practice. As operations manager and head of communications at the Northeast Hub, I always want to ensure their ingenuity is fully reflected and celebrated on our public face. Over the past month, the Hub’s talented undergraduate assistant Helen Yang and I have redeveloped nebigdatahub.org, aiming to create a more integrated, easy-to-navigate experience that highlights the breadth of our activities and promotes our community’s success stories.

Here’s what we’ve improved:

  • About the Hub: We’ve updated this page to better reflect our mission and new strategic plan, in particular emphasizing the phase 2 focus areas (more on these below) identified by our advisory board, as well as the project activities associated with each. Starting here and throughout our website, we invite potential collaborators to connect directly with us with new ideas that align with these focus areas, or simply to learn more about how to get involved.
  • Focus Areas: We’ve created new landing pages that highlight our four phase 2 focus areas, shown below. Each of the below pages provides a clear overview of our community’s priorities, information on affiliated projects, and opportunities to engage with us. Links to external sites maintained by our collaborators provide the most up-to-date information possible. 

  • Success Stories: Stories about real opportunities for collaboration and tangible outcomes from the Hub’s work are shared in a dedicated “Success Stories” page. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working with members of our community to highlight their success stories currently in the pipeline.
  • Seed Fund: We can’t wait to share details about our upcoming Seed Fund program later this year! Take a sneak peek here, and look for further announcements coming soon.
  • Hub Team: Our full list of Collaborators is now available online. We welcome new collaborators so click through to join us. 
  • Events: Stay tuned for an enhanced events calendar and the announcement of a new monthly webinar series, beginning on July 15th at 3pm ET when we present the COVID Information Commons (NSF Award #2028999). Registration information will be available by early July!

Many thanks to our Steering Committee for their insights in creating a dynamic strategic plan, and to Helen Yang for her creativity and hard work helping the website reflect that vision! Thank you as well to our collaborators – YOUR work in building a stronger data innovation community is what moves all of us forward.

We look forward to continuing to make improvements, and welcome your feedback – please contact ken2115@columbia.edu.

– Katie Naum