Spoke: Integration of Environmental Factors and Causal Reasoning Approaches for Large-Scale Observational Health Research

Data science and biomedicine are a powerful combination, and the Northeast region is well poised to bring them together. The provision of health care and the discovery of biological knowledge are heavily focused on information, with highly complex, vast data sets harboring the potential for transformative impact when partnered with the capabilities of data science. The Health Spoke focuses on the acquisition and integration of data and knowledge, especially through alternative health data sources such as social media; advanced analytics, including causal discovery and reasoning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; and precision medicine, including advanced decision support to deliver useful knowledge and recommendations.

The work of this 2016 NSF BD Spoke Award (PIs Gregory Cooper, Noémie Elhadad, Vasant Honavar, Chirag Patel) led to the development of XY.ai.


Gregory Cooper
University of Pittsburgh
Noémie Elhadad
Columbia University
Vasant Honavar
Penn State University
Chirag Patel
Harvard Medical School