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Modeling Data

Follow these Khan Academy modules to learn about variable relationships, distributions, and study design. Check out our Getting Started page for a review of categorical and quantitive variables.

Probability and Sampling

These modules focus on probability topics and sampling distributions.

Hypothesis Testing

Learn how to test if your data support your hypotheses.

Intermediate Data Science

Follow these IBM OpenDS4All modules to get started with data representation and machine learning. Each module contains lecture slides, sample code in Jupyter Notebook, and homework problems. IBM transferred the management of the OpenDS4All GitHub repository to the NEBDHub in June 2023.

Also check out the UC Berkeley course Data 8: Foundations of Data Science, which covers computational and programming skills, inferential thinking, and privacy and study design.

Join the open Big Data in Education course (from the University of PennsylvaniaTeachers College, & Columbia University) and learn the methods and strategies for using large-scale educational data to improve education and make discoveries about learning.

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Email us at nsdc@nebigdatahub.org with any inquiries or questions.

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