Microsoft Resources

Microsoft Research Webinars, Podcasts, and Open Datasets

Watch online lectures from Microsoft’s computer scientists, learn in-depth views and perspectives from Microsoft researchers, and keep up with ongoing conversations at the cutting edge of research. View thousands of publications, videos, datasets, blogs, webinars, and tutorials on intelligence, systems, theory, and other sciences. Here are some topical views into this vast database of cool research resources. 

Azure Video Tutorials

Explore more than 15 video tutorials to learn about Microsoft Azure cloud computing, machine learning and working with data in the Azure cloud environment. 

Getting Started with Azure

Machine Learning in Azure

Working with Data in Azure

Certifications and Exams

Earn certifications that show you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. Select out of 9 job roles to discover their certification paths. All certifications present a free learning path to master core concepts at your speed and on your schedule

Datasheets for Datasets

Datasheets for Datasets is a framework where every dataset is accompanied with a datasheet documenting its motivation, composition, collection process, and recommended uses to facilitate communication between dataset creators and consumers.

Microsoft Tools and Resources for Teachers and Educators

Create learning environments that empower students to be independent and creative learners; build skills in reading, language, and STEM; and prepare them for their futures.

Microsoft Open Data Campaign

Learn how open data can generate more value and better outcomes; access tools and resources to advance data collaboration, explore projects using over 30 open data repositories and data sharing models for societal benefit, and find links to resources that support open data sharing.

Microsoft Academic Search

Explore a free public web search engine powered by advances in machine learning, semantic inference, and knowledge discovery to search through over 250 million academic publications and literature on over 700,000 topics from more than 48,000 journals through Microsoft Academic.

Microsoft Open Data Cloud

Explore an open source version of the Microsoft Research open data repository. The code can be used to instantiate a highly customizable cloud based data repository to host and share datasets with flexible licensing on infrastructure with a high level of security and privacy.