IBM Resources

IBM provides no-charge access to software, cloud services, courseware, and other resources to students, educators, and researchers. Access the IBM Cloud or a quantum computer, explore a broad range of data science tools including SPSS Modeler, and develop skills in machine learning and analytics. Learn about the latest developments in security, Internet of Things, Blockchain, IBM Z, and Power Systems. Keep abreast of advances in the industry with reports from IBM Research and the Institute for Business Value. Explore the IBM Global University Program Awards, including the IBM PhD Fellowship and faculty award opportunities for research and curriculum innovation.

IBM Academic Initiative

The IBM Academic Initiative is a self-service program that provides students and faculty at accredited academic institutions with access to select IBM resources at no-charge for classroom and non-commercial research purposes. Explore software such as SPSS Modeler, courseware, and other resources covering topics including IBM Cloud, Data Science, Security, Quantum Computing, Engineering, Mainframes, Power Systems, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.

IBM Resources for Virtual Learning

Keep up with this curated list of IBM Academic Initiative resources that can help with virtual learning and instruction for all ages. Install IBM Cloud Lite, code a virtual robot, or complete learning modules on a wide range of topics.

IBM University Guest Lectures

IBM’s Guest Lectures site includes talks in 28 strategic technology areas, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to privacy and security, in 22 different languages. Faculty are welcome to request any available lecture for their classes.

IBM Global University Program Awards

The IBM PhD Fellowship and Academic Awards promote the building of social, scientific, and technology-based collaboration with universities. Both provide access to IBM technologies for research and in the classroom.

IBM Institute for Business Value

Browse reports on how IBM is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as thoroughly researched articles covering various industries and emerging technologies around the world.

IBM Skills

IBM Skills helps learners of all ages build critical tech skills to succeed in the 21st century. Take courses on data science and design-oriented thinking, learn about jobs in tech, and keep up with industry news.

IBM K-12 Resources

Find teaching guides and classroom activities for educators or explore tech topics for students in this resource repository. Code a robot, access math lesson plans by grade level, and train a simple machine learning model.

IBM Research

Explore the latest breakthroughs in AI, Quantum Computing, Hybrid Cloud, and Science. Learn about how quantum computing could be made frictionless for developers, for example, and access a virtual quantum computer.

IBM OpenDS4All Courseware

This open source project includes over 15 modules on GitHub with instructor notes and slide decks that can be used to build an academic program focused on data science. IBM transferred the management of the OpenDS4All GitHub repository to the NEBDHub in June 2023.