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June 2021 COVID Information Commons Webinar: Research Lightning Talks and Q&A

Meet the scientists seeking new insights on COVID-19. Every month, we bring together a group of researchers studying wide-ranging aspects of the current pandemic, to share their research and answer questions from our community. Learn more about their ongoing efforts in the fight against COVID-19, including opportunities for collaboration.

Join us on Wednesday, June 9th, at 4:00-5:00pm Eastern Time, to hear from the following speakers. Register here for your unique Zoom link and calendar information.

Katie Corvey, Auburn University: A participatory study of how policy-makers and marginalized communities in the American South consume and act on scientific information in the context of Covid-19. Funded by NSF Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences / Office of Multidisciplinary Activities.

Luis Ortiz, The New School: Interdependent social vulnerability of COVID-19 and weather-related hazards in New York City. Funded by NSF Engineering / Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems.

Jeffrey Townsend, Yale University: Analyses of polymorphism and divergence to illuminate molecular evolution permissive of zoonoses in SARS and COVID-19. The durability of immunity against reinfection by SARS-CoV-2. Funded by NSF Biological Sciences / Division of Environmental Biology.

Gangli Wang, Georgia State University: Microelectrode Array Sensors for SARS-CoV-2 and Other RNA Viruses. Funded by NSF Mathematical and Physical Sciences / Division of Chemistry.

Haichong (Kai) Zhang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Robotic Lung Ultrasound for Triage of COVID-19 Patients in a Resource-Limited Environment. Funded by NIH Office of the Director.

Caroline Zeiss, Yale University. Viral Shedding and Transmission following Natural Infection and Vaccination in an Animal Model of Betacoronaviral Infection. Funded by NSF Biological Sciences / Division of Integrative Organismal Systems.


Jun 09 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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