July 2021 COVID Information Commons Webinar: Research Lightning Talks and Q&A

Meet the scientists seeking new insights on COVID-19. Every month, we bring together a group of researchers studying wide-ranging aspects of the current pandemic, to share their research and answer questions from our community. Learn more about their ongoing efforts in the fight against COVID-19, including opportunities for collaboration.

Join us on Friday, July 16th, at 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time, to hear from the following speakers. Register here for your unique Zoom link and calendar information.

Ponisseril Somasundaran, Columbia UniversityNovel foam formulations for decontamination of surfaces with minimum wastewater generation. Funded by NSF Engineering / Division Of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships.

Sarah T. Stahl, University of Pittsburgh: Efficacy of a Healthy Lifestyle Intervention to Prevent Depression in Older Spousally-bereaved Adults-Supplement. Funded by NIH / Office of the Director and NIA – National Institute on Aging.

Eugene T. Richardson, Harvard Medical SchoolSocial Epidemiology of COVID-19. Funded by NIH / NIAID – National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Babatunde A. Ogunnaike, University of DelawarePredictive Modeling & Optimal Control Framework for Model-Based Epidemic Response in Delaware. Funded by NIH / NIGMS – National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Liqi Alex Lai, Cornell UniversitySARS-CoV-2 Fusion Peptide has a Greater Membrane Perturbating Effect than SARS-CoV with Highly Specific Dependence on Ca. Funded by NIH / NIGMS – National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Marc Reidel, University of MinnesotaComputationally Predicting and Characterizing the Immune Response to Viral Infections. Funded by NSF Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering / Division of Computing and Communication Foundations.

Aditya Kulkarni, University of Minnesota: Human Mobility Patterns Linked to COVID-19 Prone Locations. COVID Information Commons Undergraduate Student Paper Challenge 3rd Place Winner.

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Jul 16 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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