Government Innovation NY 2023

New York is experiencing many firsts. The state elected its first female governor. The City of New York swore in a new mayor, its first in six years. The COVID-19 pandemic radically transformed the way New York operates at every level of government – and New Yorkers are continuing to take advantage of the innovations made possible across
all jurisdictions. Services that traditionally required inperson interactions are now available online or in a hybrid environment.
Technology has unlocked growth, collaboration, and improvement among the State’s agencies and departments. Still, perennial challenges like resource constraints, communication breakdowns, and security concerns present roadblocks for New York’s public sector professionals. How can New York’s State and local governments fully
leverage technological innovation? What would it take to turn advancements into standard practice? And how can government retain citizen trust in a time of polarization and skepticism?
These are some of the questions Public Sector Network’s Government Innovation New York program will explore. Join a prestigious speaking faculty – comprised of leaders across all levels of government from across all regions of the State and beyond – to share their innovative ideas and cutting-edge initiatives. Join your peers in conversation!

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