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Data and Device Identity, Validation, and Interoperability in Connected Healthcare

Join us for the Data and Device Identity, Validation, and Interoperability in Connected Healthcare Workshop cosponsored by IEEE and the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub on June 16th, 2021 from 11am to 2pm ET. Our keynote speaker includes Dr. Orlando Lopez, NIH – National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) and IEEE/UL Subgroup Leader. Our panelists include Dr. William Harding, distinguished technical fellow at Medtronic, Simona Carini, University of California, San Francisco. The panel will be moderated by Maria Palombini, Director of the IEEE SA Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice, and Florence Hudson, Executive Director at the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University.

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Panel Moderator                  Maria Palombi


Panel Moderator            Florence Hudson



This workshop will discuss reference implementations for existing interface standards and explore critical unanswered questions regarding safety, identity, cybersecurity, and performance attributes of connected systems in the context of sustainable and scalable data and device interoperability.

We will explore how to best leverage emerging technologies, such as blockchain, AI/ML, and others as potential tools to mitigate interoperability challenges. Together we will develop recommendations for a pathway for standards to validate multi-vendor connected health technologies that enable a regulatory roadmap for approval of devices in interoperable composite systems.


Learning Outcomes:

– Understanding risk factors and critical needs for clinical-based interoperability standards from a patient-centric perspective using a systems approach and engineering best practices.


– Exploring real world applications and pertinent use cases related to connected healthcare and clinical IoT, such as: Uses in clinical trials, multi-access edge computing, and applications of wearable biosensors throughout the patient journey in clinical and non-clinical settings.


– Understanding the role of authentication for data and device identity across the product lifecycle, including Real World Data (RWD) and Real Word Evidence (RWE).


– Understanding the role of governance frameworks for data harmonization to maximize security, quality, accessibility, and utility of information driving clinical decision making.


– Identifying milestones for standard interoperability frameworks that allow for novel clinical solutions to be safely and efficiently incorporated, including approaches to incorporate standards for user interaction, patient interface, and device-to-device interoperability.


Learn more about the Global Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Virtual 2021 Workshop Series:

This is the third in the Global Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Virtual 2021 Workshop Series presented by the IEEE Standards Association, IEEE P2933™ Working Group, and the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub headquartered at Columbia University.

Workshop 1: 24 February 2021 – Global Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks and Roadmap

Workshop 2: 28 April 2021 – Privacy, Ethics & Trust in Connected Healthcare

Workshop 3: 16 June 2021 – Data & Device Identity, Validation & Interoperability in Connected Healthcare

Workshop 4: 22 September 2021 – Connected Healthcare Integrated Systems Design

Workshop 5: 17 November 2021 – Connected Healthcare Technology and Policy Considerations

Join us for the Data and Device Identity, Validation, and Interoperability in Connected Healthcare


Participants will include healthcare, technology, data science, research, and policy experts in the connected healthcare ecosystem. Professionals and students are welcome to attend.


This series will convene a global community of leaders in healthcare, technology, and policy to develop mutual understanding and recommendations for standards to improve connected healthcare cybersecurity. The workshop series will delve into challenges and opportunities in connected healthcare cybersecurity, privacy, ethics, trust, and identity, including data and device validation and interoperability. Resulting recommendations will include an Integrated Systems Design approach, leveraging the TIPPSS framework being developed by IEEE working groups to enhance Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, and Security of clinical IoT and connected healthcare systems globally. Learnings will include:

– Understanding the risks and threat vectors in connected healthcare and IoT systems

– Advanced technologies which may be leveraged to address the risks, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hardware/firmware/software security advances

– Standards efforts and related technology and policy opportunities to address the risks

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