CU WiCS DivHacks 2023: Hack to the Future September 23-24

We are excited to announce our upcoming hackathon, “DivHacks: Hack to the Future,” which will take place on September 23-24.

At DivHacks, our mission is to create an empowering and inclusive space for individuals historically underrepresented in the tech industry. We strive to foster diversity and provide students with the tools and opportunities to implement meaningful change through technology. As we gear up for this year’s hackathon, we are seeking collaborative partnerships with schools, newsletters, organizations, and like-minded communities to help us spread the word and make this event a resounding success.

DivHacks will be in-person this year and will take place on campus. Our event will be team-based, though students do not need to be part of a team to apply.¬†Aligned with our mission, this year’s theme, ‘Hack to the Future,’ encourages students to embrace futuristic thinking, innovation, and the transformative potential of technology.

Our tracks (topics) include Education, Green Tech, Diversity, and New Frontiers, and participants can choose any of the 5 categories of future technologies to base their project in: AI / ML / Big Data, AR / VR, Platform development(web / mobile), Web 3, and Statistics / big data / data science. To bring those ideas to life, there will be a range of workshops (from beginner-friendly to advanced topics) that will give teams more comfort with technical skills applicable to their hacks.

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