Columbia University: Financial and Business Analytics Poster Session

Explore the latest data and engineering research from the Columbia University community. Poster Sessions bring together DSI centers, members, and Columbia students to exhibit new projects.
Hosted by the DSI Financial and Business Analytics Center
About: We develop analytical and computational tools to manage risk and to support decisions using the growing volume and variety of data available. The center is a community of more than 40 affiliated faculty researchers from nine departments across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia Business School, and Columbia Engineering. Our research thrusts currently include: systemic risks in financial systems and other interdependent critical infrastructures, insurance risk and natural disasters, risk hedging and mitigation for global supply chains, economic fluctuations and uncertainty, consumer/marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, analytics for healthcare delivery, and analytic entrepreneurship.


Nov 15 2023


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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