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CODATA International FAIR Convergence Symposium 2020

The International FAIR Convergence Symposium, organized by CODATA and GO FAIR, will take place from November 30-December 4, 2020 virtually. This event will convene a global community with an interest in combining data across domains for a host of research issues – including major global challenges, such as those relating to the SDGs or the COVID-19 pandemic. Outcomes will directly inform the CODATA Decadal Programme ‘Making data work for cross-domain grand challenges’ and the GO FAIR community’s convergence towards bottom-up development of the Internet of FAIR data and services globally. Participation is open to ALL researchers, data experts, funders, and science policy makers.
The four primary themes of the event are:
  1. Crisis Reduction and Response (Learning from the COVID-19 Outbreak)
  2. FAIR Specifications
  3. FAIR Society
  4. Data Stewardship: Training and Career Opportunities
The event will include 90-minute sessions in virtual, in person, and mixed formats related to these topics. Paper sessions may include research papers, practice papers or a mixture of these and should cover a maximum of 4-5 papers and leave sufficient time for discussion. Other session types may include workshops, interactive practical sessions, structured discussions and/or demos. The deadline to submit a proposal for a session is September 30, 2020.
The organizers also invite proposals for posters and lightning talks to appear in a dedicated session. Proposals for a poster or lightning talk should be submitted by October 31, 2020.
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Nov 30 2020 - Dec 04 2020
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