2023 Columbia Biomedical Technology Accelerator (BIOMEDX) Pitch Day

Welcome to the 2023 Columbia BiomedX Pitch Day

Please join us for the culminating event of the 13-week Lab-to-Market Life Science Accelerator Bootcamp focused on translating Columbia University faculty-led innovations from the lab to the clinic.


The event is a great opportunity to hear presentations from innovative Columbia faculty-led biomedical research teams developing devices, software, and platform technologies to improve health outcomes. Teams have engaged through a series of lectures and workshops on a variety of commercially relevant topics including Market Sizing, Stakeholder Analysis, Regulatory & Reimbursement, Pitching 101, and Financing and Business models.



Welcoming Remarks from Program Staff

Meghan Pinezich, PhD

Program Manager, BiomedX

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Columbia University



Keynote Address

Sam Sia, PhD

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Director, SEAS Entrepreneurship

Vice Provost, Fourth Purpose and Strategic Impact


X. Edward Guo, PhD

Professor and Department Chair, Biomedical Engineering


8:50 – 9:15AM

FASTr: Mobile Based AI to Accelerate Stroke Recognition

PI: James Noble, MD, MS

Presented by: Nirav Shah, MD


9:15 – 9:40AM

Stool-based host RNA profling for gut disease diagnosis and monitoring

PI: Harris Wang, PhD

Presented by: Yiming Huang


9:40 – 10:05AM

Optimization of personalized T cell based immunotherapy by characterization of morphology

PI: Lance Kam, PhD

Presented by: Xin Wang


10:05 – 10:30AM

Massively multiplexed qPCR for genome-scale screening and diagnostics

PI: Wei Min, PhD

Presented by: Zhilun Zhao, PhD


10:30 – 10:45AM

Networking Break



10:45 – 11:10AM

Rapid point-of-care assays for detection of poliovirus and enterovirus D68

PI: Nischay Mishra, PhD


11:10 – 11:35AM

MCI-ED Screen: A Speech-Processing Algorithm for Automatic Screening of Black Women Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Dementia in Home Healthcare Setting

PIs: Maryam Zolnoori, PhD


11:35AM – 12:00PM

CardiAIc: AI for better cardiac arrhythmia therapy

PIs: Christine Hendon, PhD & Deepak Saluja, PhD


12:00 – 12:25PM

Ecological momentary assessment/intervention based mHealth app as treatment for post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2

PI: Lawrence Purpura, MD, MPH, TM



Adjourn for invited guests, closed door judging session


May 31 2023


All Day
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