Arm Resources

Arm Education’s mission is to help close the education and skills gaps in Computer Engineering and STEM for the benefit of society. By drawing on Arm’s technological expertise, innovation and partner ecosystem, we provide content to help developers, teachers and learners achieve their objectives

Arm University Program Education Kits

Arm’s open and freely available education kits are an out-of-the-box teaching solution for educators at all levels. Kits are complete with lecture slides, lab manuals, and more!

Arm Education Online Courses

These courses have been carefully developed to help students, hobbyists and practicing or aspiring engineers learn about state-of-the-art technologies from the Arm partner ecosystem.

Arm Education Books

These books aim to take learners from foundational knowledge and skills to expert-level overviews of Arm-based technologies.


A platform for academics to exchange and contribute to free open-access Computer Engineering and Computer Science related curriculum.


A new community platform for information exchange and mutual support between fellow academics and researchers interested in hardware and software developments around Arm IP.

Arm Developer Hub

Browse Arm’s broad collection of developer-oriented resources that can help you create, innovate, and scale software solutions, and take your development to the next level.