REAL Program

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Research Experience and Leadership Program

The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub’s Research Experience and Leadership (REAL) program provides opportunities for students in various academic programs and data science professionals to get involved with projects that enable scientific and societal impact across the focus areas of the Hub: Health, Education + Data Literacy, Responsible Data Science, and Urban to Rural Communities.

Some examples of opportunities to gain research experience and leadership skills include:

REAL Program members can expect to spend a minimum of 1-3 hours a month on Hub projects.

Spotlight: Northeast Student Data Corps

REAL Program members working on the Hub’s newest initiative, the National Student Data Corps (NSDC), are helping to develop open source educational resources and provide other support for data science learners and educators at underserved institutions across the United States and beyond. REAL Program members have recorded video lectures on machine learning, curated data science use cases, served as mentors, and pioneered new initiatives to help others discover their passion for data science.

REAL Program Members

Lara Azar

Elia Bregman

Brian Buckley

Cora Lee Cole

Flavio Duran

Stephanie Eristoff

Tomislav Galjanic

Jiajun (Gary) Gao

Esteban Garcia

Aryan Naik

Jingnan Qi

Abhishek Sinha

Fred Uquillas

Rhyley Vaughan

Yucen Wang

Renyin Zhang

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