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National Student Data Corps – Volunteer Central

Passionate about data science? Interested in giving back to the community? Look no further, volunteer with us!

The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub is a collaboration hub for data science innovation in the Northeast United States. Our mission is to build and strengthen partnerships across industry, academia, nonprofits, and government to address societal and scientific challenges, spur economic development, and accelerate innovation in the national big data ecosystem and our network includes collaborators across 9 states representing the most densely populated region of the United States.

The National Student Data Corps (NSDC) is a program led by the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub which brings science education fundamentals to students across the region and around the world, with a special focus on underserved institutions and students. As a part of this initiative we have curated open source resources to create an easily accessible data science curriculum and have a slack channel which connects data science enthusiasts from across the globe. The NSDC also curates data science student projects and use cases to provide hands-on learning.

Volunteer responsibilities

We welcome students and data science professionals to volunteer with the NSDC as part of the Hub’s Research Experience and Leadership (REAL) Program. Opportunities for volunteers may include:

  • Recording curricular videos on various data science modules that would be hosted on our website and on our YouTube channel.
  • Peer mentoring wherein volunteers would be connected with our learners (other individuals beginning their journey into data science) and help guide/answer questions about various data science topics.
  • Use-Case Development and Curation where volunteers would scour the web for open source data based on which they would make data science use cases to be listed on our web portal.
  • Use-Case mentoring where volunteers would mentor a few learners pursuing a particular use case (think data science project: visualizations/exploratory analyses/modelling).
  • Live classes where they would present data science concepts to learners.

Time commitment

This position would be flexible and be responsibility oriented. Volunteers can expect to spend a minimum of 1-3 hours a week. However, there is no upper limit here and we greatly appreciate all the help you provide!

Minimum Qualifications

The ideal candidate has experience with the following:

  • Familiarity with Data science concepts
  • Knowledge in Basic Statistics 
  • Experience with Exploratory Data Analysis projects/Data Visualization/Modelling
  • Communication skills
  • Passionate about giving back to the community!

Volunteers can expect to gain enriching leadership and mentoring experience in the data science sphere along with novel networking opportunities with other data science enthusiasts. They will also be part of the larger Northeast Hub community and receive certification acknowledging their contributions.

You can find some of the videos made by previous volunteers in our Volunteer Video Library.

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