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The Data Science Resource Repository (DSRR) is a curated set of resources for learners and educators that promotes data science literacy. Data science literacy skills are crucial to the successful development of our economy and provide a strong knowledge base for the future of our workforce. The DSRR is made openly available on the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub’s website with the aim of  leveraging these best practices and resources to broadly increase data science capacity, with a specific focus on underserved communities.

Resources from the Big Data Hub’s Education + Data Literacy projects, as well as data science education materials available from across the big data ecosystem (including academia, government, not for profits and industry) are included. Resources from the National Student Data Corps (NSDC), Data Science for All, Big Data for Education, and other projects from the Hub community, such as CUAHSI, are provided here.

The DSRR’s target ‘Learner’ audience  is students of all ages, from high school through higher ed and adult learners.  Similarly, our target ‘Educator’ audience is K-12 teachers and caregivers, undergraduate and community college educators, library professionals teaching data science to their community, and not-for-profits that teach STEM.

Please let us know of any data science resources (English or Spanish) which are openly available and should be added to the DSRR by filling out our Data Science Resources Submission form or complete este formulario en Español.

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