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Python or R?

Python or R for data analysis by DataCamp: Both Python and R are programming languages frequently used by data scientists. Read this article that goes over the benefits and limitations of each to help you decide which one you should get started with.

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Python is a popular programming language with a variety of built-in functions for data analysis.

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R is a programming language designed specifically for statistical computing and graphics.

  1. R programming for beginners: Watch this introductory video on R and RStudio.
  2. Install RStudio: Get started programming in R using RStudio.
  3. DataFlair R tutorials: This series breaks down R into 3 levels of difficulty.
  4. Guru99 R tutorials: Learn the basics and venture into machine learning.
  5. R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis by Software Carpentry: Learn best practices for data wrangling, graphing, summarizing your results, and more.

Computer Tools

The Missing Semester: This open course from MIT was designed to teach students to use the advanced tools available on their computers, topics often not covered by traditional computer science courses. Learn about everything you can do from your computer’s command line interface—run complicated commands, edit files, enable version control, wrangle data, access remote machines, and stay secure while browsing.


Watch these introductory videos created by NSDC volunteer Jingnan Qi on SQL (Structured Query Language), widely used for database management.

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