Learner Central: Data Science Ethics

  • OpenDS4All Data Science Ethics: This module from IBM’s OpenDS4All program provides an introduction to important ethical issues regarding data science today, including privacy and informed consent, ownership and intellectual property, bias in algorithms, and fairness.
  • University of Michigan Data Science Ethics: This free, self-paced course will teach you to think critically about ethical issues regarding the collection and usage of data. Take this course to learn more about data ownership, privacy, informed consent, and fairness.
  • Data, Responsibly: Learn about data ethics and fairness in this sophisticated virtual comic book series from the Framework for Integrative Equity Systems Institute. Available in English, Spanish and French, these virtual comic books entitled “Mirror, Mirror”, and “Fairness and Friends” dive into how to handle equity issues in data science systems. 
  • Data Science Ethics – Video Library Tutorial with Abhishek Sinha

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