Guest Post Guidelines


The Northeast Hub posts regular updates on data science activities, opportunities, events and resources throughout the Northeast United States and beyond, and features guest posts from members of the Northeast Hub community with innovative and insightful contributions to the Big Data ecosystem.

Please Note: We do not accept unsolicited posts.

Some general guidelines for guest posts are included below:

  1. Your post should highlight recent achievements or milestones of your project; sharable resources such as curricula, data, tools, events, and communities; and/or opportunities for collaboration.
  2. Guest posts should not exceed 1,200 words, but may be as short as a paragraph or two.
  3. Guest posts should be written in a conversational tone, toward a smart audience who may not be experts in your specific field.
  4. Short paragraphs, use of bulleted lists, and clear, direct language are all pluses!
  5. We also strongly encourage embedded images and/or video, as well as links to further reading, in our guest posts.
  6. While we are happy to share your news items with our community and encourage you to keep us up-to-date, guest posts should not read like advertising.
  7. Please include with your guest post a 1-3 sentence bio, a high-resolution headshot, a suggested headline (we will work with you on this), and, if you like, a link to your website or social media channel.

To get started, try answering the following five questions:

  1. What is the problem you are trying to solve, and how will you and your team address it?
  2. What data are you working with? How will it be used?
  3. Is your team seeking collaborators, subject matter experts, or other resources that you’d like to put a call out for?
  4. What is the outcome you are hoping for?
  5. Where can people learn more about your progress?

Here are some examples of previous guest posts:

Contact to suggest a guest post. Thanks!