Call for Manuscripts

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Call For Manuscripts

In collaboration with the peer-reviewed open access journals Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) and Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT), which amplify and disseminate digital health and distributed ledger technology research and innovations papers, the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (NEBDHub) and the National Student Data Corps (NSDC) invite data science enthusiasts who are graduate students, post-docs, educators, and researchers to the following Calls for Manuscripts (CFM).

BHTY fields of interest include data integrity, privacy preservation, health information systems interoperability, permissioned security for health data, clinical support and clinical trials management, supply chain management, and the integration of AI and machine learning tools in this emerging specialty field of research.

THMT fields of interest include the value of telehealth and clinical automation, its use and scalable developments, business process guidance, market research and the economic impact of digital health innovations in an evolving health technology sector.

Through this collaboration, members of the NEBDHub and NSDC have the opportunity to submit a research manuscript in the CFM with the article processing charge (APC) waived. Click here to sign up for the NEBDHub and/or NSDC Newsletter to become a member of the community or go to

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Key Dates & Target Participants

Key Dates:

These calls for manuscripts will be open through December 2023 with rolling submissions.

Target Participants:

These calls for manuscripts invites scholars, graduate students, post docs, researchers and professors who are members of the NEBDHub and/or NSDC to develop and submit a manuscript addressing the opportunities and challenges in healthcare with the leverage of data science tools and techniques, as well as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

Submitted manuscripts are expected to provide new conceptual, theoretical, and practical insights based on empirical data emerging from recent market or research activities. Use cases from demonstrably successful existing distributed ledger communities across a range of sectors are also welcome, as the learnings may apply to healthcare scenarios today or in the future. 

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Current Manuscript Opportunities