#BigDataRoadTrip Stage 2 Survey

In 2016, the newly-formed Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub launched our Big Data Road Trip, traveling across the Northeast United States to meet with data practitioners face-to-face. Blurb here summarizing the purpose of the trip: We wanted to learn all we could about Big Data in the NE, including needs, challenges and values of our stakeholders.

We visited:


  • X cities – list all

  • Y organizations – list sectors

  • Z people – list roles not names. “Including profs, analysts, start-up founders, CEOs, etc etc”


Our stakeholders provided invaluable feedback over the course of these conversations. From across our diverse community, the following key themes emerged:


  • Eg: Data Sharing: 40% indicated enhancing opportunities for shared data resources…





These visits represent only a first step. While we plan further face-to-face outreach in 2017, we want to hear more from you now.

Tell us your perspective: what are the big data challenges in the Northeast, where are the gaps that need to be filled, and where does real value lie.


You can share your input below or via this link. Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation.