Data Science for All


DS4All actively identifies knowledge and resource gaps in data literacy among diverse communities, with a goal to help lifelong learners of all ages become data literate.

Get Involved:

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What We’re Doing:

Initial Planning:


DS4All has built a community of stakeholders who advise on how we can bridge big data practice with learning, education and career readiness for communities of all kinds. Our work grew out of initial planning activities supported by a NSF-funded Big Data Spoke Planning grant (#1636736), which convened a Big Data Literacy Workshop on April 13-14, 2017.


Community Building and Bridging:

Seeking to engage with broader communities, we held subsequent stakeholder workshops at the 2017 Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange (D4GX) and the 2018 Annual Summit of the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub.

Building relationships with local, underserved populations in the Northeast is especially critical to us. We work with organizations serving such communities to extend our reach. One such group is Elmcor, a non-profit based in the neighborhood of Corona in Queens, NY, which provides community programs that foster positive life changes for populations ranging from preschool-aged children to senior citizens.



Elmcor wanted to learned how to better manage and leverage their data to serve their mission. At Bloomberg’s Data For Good Exchange workshop in September 2018, we brought them together with over 70 attendees in a hands-on workshop. Participants gained a more complete and deeper understanding of how community based organizations make use of data in their work with underserved communities, and discussed strategies for how to help the organizations themselves become more data fluent. 

Check out takeaways from D4GX 2018 below:



Other partners we work with to foster data science for all include the American Library Association, the Big Data For Little Kids initiative, the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, and the Columbia Social Entrepreneurship Group.


Current Activities:

In March 2019 we launched the next phase of DS4All at Data Science for All: Data Literacy in Communities of Need, a workshop held at New York Hall of Science. This full-day event focused on defining the data literacy needs within underserved communities and community service providers, and explored how data science might be applied to address intractable problems faced by these communities. The second objective was to collaboratively develop an actionable plan for how to address these needs. 



DS4All is led by the New York Hall of Science and facilitated by the Northeast Big Data Hub.


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