Discovery Science


board-1273128_1280The Northeast region is home to one of the world’s largest collection of fundamental research enterprises, which form a major, defining economic component of the region. They span university and college entities, private commercial and not-for-profit laboratories and state and Federal facilities. The Discovery Science group is focused on the synergies amongst these enterprises in three key areas that can boost advances in sectors ranging from defense to energy to pharmaceuticals:

  1. Uncovering new knowledge through data driven modeling and discovery
  2. Repeatability, curation and provenance of massive datasets and computational tools and practices
  3. Developing and supporting efforts to ensure the regional digital infrastructure is adequately resourced to support demands.



Christopher Hill Website Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA
Manish Parashar Website Rutgers University NJ


Simon Billinge Website Columbia University NY
Robert Chen Website Columbia University NY
Mei Chen Website SUNY, University at Albany NY
Michael Ernst Website Brookhaven National Laboratory NY
Robert Harrison Website Stony Brook University NY
Curtis Hillegas Website Princeton University NJ
Everette Joseph Website SUNY, University at Albany NY
Ji Liu Wesbite University of Rochester NY
Jiebo Luo Website University of Rochester NY
Mark Lyon Website University of New Hampshire NH
Ali Maher Website Rutgers University NJ
Marianthi Markatou Website SUNY, University at Buffalo NY
Gonzalo Mateos Website University of Rochester NY
Andrew McCallum Website University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
Abani Patra Website SUNY, University at Buffalo NY
Dipankar Raychaudhuri Rutgers University NY
Eliot Rich Website SUNY, University at Albany NY
Andrew Sherman Website Yale University CT
Tomek Strzalkowski Website SUNY, University at Albany NY
Wade Trappe Website Rutgers University NJ
Howard Wactlar Website Carnegie Mellon University PA