The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub identifies high-priority societal challenges and builds public-private, multi-sector partnerships and consortia to address them with data-driven solutions. Part of the National Big Data Research and Development Initiative, we seek to accelerate America’s Big Data innovation ecosystem.


Read the abstract for the Northeast Hub’s National Science Foundation Award: #1550284


As a regional Hub, we give voice to our stakeholders’ priority areas in Big Data, reflecting the needs, challenges and values of the Northeast Region.

Our initial focus is on challenges specific to our founding priority areas – Cities & Regions, Discovery Science, Education, Energy, and Health – our vertical “Spokes.”

Cross-cutting these areas are horizontal “Rings“:  fundamental challenges to the seamless use of data sciences, such as Data Sharing frameworks, infrastructure, and services; Ethics; Privacy and Security; and Data Literacy.

Finally, the Hub serves as a platform for its many stakeholders across sectors to contribute to shaping the future of Big Data and how it impacts business, government, academia, and society.


Our Community:

More than 250 personnel at over 100 organizations (and growing), across 9 states representing the most densely populated, economically developed, and culturally diverse region of the United States.


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Got more questions? Connect with us directly and learn more about projects and opportunities across the Northeast and beyond.