We serve as a platform for collaboration among our stakeholders, harnessing the potential of big data and data science in multi-sector projects no single organization can tackle in isolation.

Our Data-Driven Community

Our network includes more than 650 individuals at over 200 organizations (and growing!), across 9 states representing the most densely populated region of the United States. In partnership with the University of California at San Diego and New York Hall of Science, we recently conducted a social network analysis to better understand and assess the needs of our community. We’ll share insights gained from this research later in 2019—stay tuned!

What We Do

We organize multi-sector collaborations that align with one or more of our thematic areas and cross-cutting areas:

Thematic Areas

Cross-Cutting Areas

A National Network

The Northeast Big Data Hub is one of four Big Data Hubs forming a national big data innovation ecosystem. Learn more about our network and our colleagues at the West, Midwest and South Big Data Hubs:

The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub is supported by the National Science Foundation through award #1916585 and previously by award #1550284.

Got more questions?Connect with us directly and learn more about projects and opportunities across the Northeast and beyond.